From Austin, Texas comes a new album by Americana artist David Newbould! After seven years hanging out in this wonderful city, with its Capitol, The incredible Waterloo Records shop, the nice Barton Springs and of course the endless row of music venues and pubs Mr Newbould looks back at seven wonderful years! ”I came here for the music, but fell in love with the people”, something I can understand. Nevertheless it is goodbye for David Newbould who is heading on to that other music city, Nashville!

His way to look back on these incredible years is by releasing this “Live at Austin” album full of great moments & songs, old and new! Blessed with a series of great musicians and friends who help him out, Newbould brings us a series of incredible great tunes we all come to love over the past years! Take for instance the hillbilly/Americana tune “It can also be worse” or the ballad “Put the Brakes on us” and you know this man is singer songwriter pur sang!
A classic in his repertoire is without doubt “Nobody loves me like you do”. A song that blends elements of gospel, Dixieland jazz and country! “See You on the Other Side” is the tune best known to me but also “Something to loose” a track that spans over 8 minutes and totally unknown to me is intriguing enough to put it on replay!

“The Long Way Home” is the Texas goodbye album from Mr Newbould. While he is quite well known in the area, his albums didn’t make it always to our part of the world! His songs however are better known since some of them appeared in a handful of well known TV series of which “Dawson’s Creek” and “7th Heaven” are amongst the best known shows.
Released together with a live DVD this album is must of everyone who digs the Texas Americana Scene.

Mr Blue Boogie.

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