(4 out of 5 stars)(Translated from Dutch) With the CD / DVD The Long Way Home: David Newbould And Friends Live From Austin, the Canadian singer-songwriter who grew up in Toronto goodbye to Texas and then to try his luck in Music City USA. There in Nashville took David Newbould with local musicians Tennessee (house) on. The songs were recorded live in the studio; cash to long to book a studio was not there. Pity? Not at all! Tennessee thus sounds direct, spontaneous and powerful. Newbould was happy with it, because as the records were also included in the seventies. The man writes beautiful songs. The peaceful Down For Your Love could have flowed from the pen of new here John Fullbright. Veteran Dan Dugmore impresses on steel guitar, while elsewhere a tasty soul guitar sounds. With his band can Newbould also quite out of it. Then he sucks the lungs full of air and he takes as John Doe. Or as Jeffrey Foucault, who can nowadays namely too. The more than seven minutes long It Can Always Be Worse is about whiskey and Irish folk approach something, with a turn towards a more rocking sound of course absolutely not in the way. At the end come more electric guitars and a fiddle. On Trying To Find The Good In Seeing Things he has lost his job and wife. Familiar theme, nice song title, great song. A record that gets better with every spin.


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