“TENNESSEE” (Erwin Zijleman dekrentenuitdepop blog, Dec. 28, 2013)

(Translated from Dutch): I was just sifting through the wonderful annual list of the Euro Americana chart (http://www.euroamericanachart.eu ) when I received an email from one David Newbould, who offered me his CD Tennessee. I just happened to come across Tennessee in the annual list of the EAC, so my interest was piqued immediately. A few minutes later the CD already came out of the speakers (digitally delivered music also has its advantages) and soon I knew Tennessee David Newbould a plate to my heart.

David Newbould is originally from Toronto, Canada, but after staying in Austin, Texas area he made his last album down in Nashville, Tennessee. Tennessee is David Newbould’s tribute to Nashville, the home of many good roots music. David Newbould was not alone to Nashville, but took a good bond with it. Tennessee has thus become a full sounding album with mostly nice catchy roots music. Country rock is central in Tennessee, but it is skilfully mixed by David Newbould with influences from the radio-friendly rock that is doing so well on American radio stations. The music of Canadian singer- songwriter has so far especially been compared with that of Ryan Adams (who in 2013 showed also hear unfortunately nothing is) , but I hear also arranged some of Tom Petty or Springsteen, especially when the country rock is less central and pace that is higher. Personally, I am most impressed by the more subdued songs with a lot of influences from country rock, especially when it deals with a great singer (Kalisa Ewing) popping up. In these songs David Newbould moves a deep and he put Ryan Adams emphatically to the crown, and especially the more uptempo songs give a good feeling.

Tennessee is in musically and vocally respects a very strong record. The instrumentation is full and gentle and David Newbould has a beautiful and distinctive voice (I hear occasionally the melancholy of Roy Orbison), which is well within the broad musical spectrum Tennessee dividends. The third major advantage of Tennessee is the series of excellent songs. David Newbould writes songs that do not immediately follow in the footsteps of what is already there, but at the same time keep the songs of the great Canadian overhangs, and lots of songs on Tennessee after one hearing are indispensable. That the record has managed to get on the annual list of the Euro Americana chart no longer surprise me.

Tennessee David Newbould is one of the trendsetters of the roots year 2013. A better contribution last Saturday (which will be of being unloved or unknown talent in the roots segment dedicated next year), I could not wish for. Splendour Plate. Point.

Erwin Zijleman

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