(Translated from Dutch)
My father recently died. As a young man he had experienced the horrors of war. It had shaped him, including afterwards, his ability to enjoy of life. Preferably the fullest, and as long as possible. It was and was awarded him. In the days before the funeral you experience emphatically how someone intertwined with his music. Music as a blueprint for a liberal outlook. Most people have relationship with music. Music as an essential ingredient of your personality. Music that you are intertwined, where you feel yourself at home. My heart is in the unbound spirits. People who have separated from their environment, and do their own thing. They follow their own intuitive way, and come up with something totally idiosyncratic. One of the albums that close to my heart is the self-titled album by Willis Allan Ramsey which appeared in 1972. The intensity of that album still touches me. Had Tennessee been released around that period, I would not be surprised. The record of David Newbould contains a similar tone, and also includes songs such as Down For Your Love that deeply grasp. Tennessee feels as a result of a moment in time. A creative discharge that found its expression in the studio with like-minded people. An organic plate who uses simplicity, and no time to heat price does. The Things We’ve Done forge melancholy in his lyrics together with the sensitivity of the pedal steel, and then conclude with a stripped down version of the romantic price song She’s Got a Different Way . The Canadian David Newbould went to Tennessee to realize his dream and knew helped by a Kickstarter project a paltry $ 5,000 to gather early 2012. Budget without any music, but the actual foundation of Tennessee consists of David Newbould and his producer Ben Strano. It would have been unjust if this record had never seen the light of day. Invest in music, it’s your lifetime, and even after.

Rein van den Berg

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