(Translated from Italian) Growing up in Toronto, David Newbould has long lived in Austin, Texas and then in New York, before moving to Nashville where he collected all his previous experiences to propose a apprezzabilissimo mix of country, folk and roots rock. David Newbould is an author and a performer of great stock, ready to seize the most genuine feelings, to tell the stories more vivid and sincere. “Tennessee” is a bit ‘the culmination of a career that has seen him affect three ep, album,’ whole ‘and a live recorded in Austin and published on cd / dvd, with the eyes of an artist more similar to the songwriting roots Texas and the beautiful sounds of the East side of Nashville that to the mainstream. To me personally the disc recalls the emotions of a Radney Foster, a Brandon Rhyder or Wade Bowen, where acoustic ballads are brought together in the most lively and rock. “Always Coming Home” opens the album and immediately clarifies the intent with a melody and an air that win for immediacy and expressive power. “Don’t Give Me Your Heart” free all the vitality and desire to live intensely their status in a more spontaneous. “Drifting Wayward” is a ballad with warm and suffused in shades of country and a stunning pedal steel Dan Dugmore, one of the guests the most interesting of these sessions along with the Georgia Satellites frontman Dan Baird, “You’re With Me” is still a ‘road song’ remarkable conducted with a spirit more rocking and compelling in a duet with Kalisa Ewing, his partner of composition. “Lucinda” is in my opinion one of the most luminous disk with its piano introduction that soon leads to a ballad that recalls to mind the more melodic Chris Knight, “It Can Always Be Worse” is more bitter and painful, another ‘highlight’ that deserves attention. Even “Don’t Give Up On Love” and “She’s Got A Different Way”, although in a different manner, supply – the first and far more intimate and acoustic, the second dig with delicacy and sensitivity in interpersonal relations and show considerable poetic gifts. A nice surprise this, an artist worthy and very interesting.
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Remo Ricaldone

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