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(valsam) Originally from Toronto, Canada singer-songwriter David Newbould pulled together with fourteen other musicians in a recording studio in Nashville to make the CD “Tennessee” to go take the successor to the album “The Long Way Home” from 2010, a plate we at Rootstime of quotas had anticipated. ‘promising’ here at the time
After an earlier move to Austin, Texas where he wanted to go sniff the local music ambience David Newbould decided in the spring of 2009 to country capital Nashville, withdraw from there to develop his musical career. Further Tennessee The previous album “The Long Way Home” was a tribute to his stay in Texas and now he has his latest album so “Tennessee” entitled.
Folk and Americana with country influences has become the trademark of this excellent singer and songwriter with many songs that are full of fire and heartfelt emotions able to bring. Think of someone like Ryan Adams and Damien Rice and you can get a good idea of the sound that the artist is able to produce.
“Tennessee” has become an even better record than the already highly acclaimed “The Long Way Home”. David Newbould composed twelve songs for this album and the honesty to inform us that it is terribly difficult to select. A favorite song from these twelve pearls you
But if you do some favorites would note, we would like dots on “Do not Give Me Your Heart”, “Live For Love” and “The Things We’ve Done” (all Ryan Adams), in addition to the three by country singer Kalisa Ewing sung in close harmony songs “Drifting Wayward”, “You’re With Me” and tearjerker “Down For Your Love”.
On the video in this review David Newbould sings the song “Lucinda” a little atypical for the other tracks on “Tennessee” and the uptempo put “It Can Always Be Worse” is not really with the other songs on this CD compare. The song “Do not Give Up On Love” calls again on comparisons with the work of Bruce Springsteen in his finest rock ballads.
This CD is exquisite arranged and orchestrated by producer Ben Strano, that an extra plume earned because he has succeeded at every song to the delicious emotions loswekende voice of David Newbould – the strongest instrument on this record – in the foreground of the outstanding put to place. instrumentation This album is highly recommended to buy and then frequently to listen.

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