“TENNESSEE” (Tupelo City Courier, July 18, 2013)

I could tell Tennessee , the new David Newbould CD, was a
journey. The musical journey covered 850 miles from Austin
to Nashville. It took two years and supplied 12 tales of love
and loss.
“I see my music as a product of all my travels,” David said.
“and those travels were fed by all my musical inspirations. I
moved to New York City right out of high school because I
needed to get slapped around and hardened by the real world.
I moved to Texas because I wanted to live more within the musical
root of the country. I moved to Nashville because there
are so many opportunities here.”
I can hear bits from his musical heroes here, Dylan, Springsteen
and fellow Canadian Neil Young. But I also hear a country
flavored Chris Isaak, with a lot of falsetto.
“All I know is that this work is a long haul,” David said.
“I’ve been running towards these songs and this place for a
long time. I’m glad we all found each other, and am very excited
to get this out into the world.”
This is a gifted singer-songwriter with that high lonesome
Tennessee vibe, that I find myself returning to again and again.

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