“Power Up!” Album Review (Rock Music News, Germany, May 6, 2022)

(Juergen Huesemann, May 6, 2022): David Newbould – “Power Up” – very strong!!!

Who is David Newbould? I honestly have to admit that I was completely ignorant of Mr. Newbould up until now. Many thanks to Jan Janssen from JohTheMa-Promotions from the Netherlands for this wonderful piece of rock music that I am allowed to write about here.

David Newbould is a singer/songwriter based in the music metropolis Nashville, but he also knows how to let the guitar crackle, see the title track of the upcoming album “Power Up!” or the successor “Peeler Park”, or “Last Letter”.

Otherwise, “Power Up!” offers a really worth listening cross-section from Dylan to Springsteen. Songs like “That Was Another Time” would have worked on the Woodstock stage at tea time in ’69.

Conclusion: An incredibly intensive, varied album by a musician who is relatively unknown – at least in Germany – but who absolutely deserves to be noticed. A really great album!

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