Here’s an old song of mine, “Hold Tight, My Blood” featured in the trailer for the 50 Cent/Val Kilmer movie, “Streets Of Blood”.

Streets of Blood original teaser
DVD is in stores or on Amazon.Com

Jayson James Nick Plantico Val Kilmer 50 cent Fifty cent sharon stone Curtis Jackson Stuntman Stunt Action Unlimited

A police detective thinks his partner has died during Hurricane Katrina, only to discover that he was shot to death. With his new partner, the duo investigate the murder, which takes them on a journey into a world of police corruption.

To Answer Some REPEATED questions:

-This is NOT a trailer, it is a teaser. Big difference.

-The Song is titled “Hold Tight, My Blood” By David Newbould, Words and music © 2003 by David Newbould, 10-70 Music (ASCAP).

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