(translated from dutch) ★★★★
David Newbould: another noble stranger who earned a larger and wider audience. Brittle songs about, what else love. A quick look at the titles betrays enough: ‘Do not Give Me Your Heart’, ‘Live For Love’, ‘You’re With Me’, ‘Down For Your Love’, ‘Do not Give Up On Love’ … again a romantic soul who has put his stirrings on guitar. When his voice is likely to get bored, after four songs he switches to ‘You’re With Me’, Kalisa Ewing. That appears to be a masterstroke: what a great song! The two voices go hand in hand like peas and carrots.
There are numerous examples in the man-with-guitar genre and it does not surprise that David Newbould is reminiscent of Don Williams, Mark Bates, Bruce Springsteen in his folky period, Pete Seeger, Jesse Malin etc. Big names, but he also has the balls to go stand on their shoulders. Affirmative! Several times the result sounds inspired, passionate and motivated and really bad numbers are not there (sometimes just some mediocre posturing).
Like Mark Bates, David brings a song called ‘Lucinda’. Remarkably, same genre, same title … it would also be about the same woman? Or is it a tribute to Lucinda Williams?
The Wynntown Marshals, the Keys & Chords editors last month particularly pleasantly surprised, and David Newbould clearly has a lot of hit points: quality americana with a penchant for images from the land of the free. That Newbould’s album is called, ‘Tennessee’, is not surprising in that regard.
Robust and lived, good voice, polished production. Nothing but praise for David Newbould.
-Julian DeBacker

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