David Newbould is a highly talented singer-songwriter who is just waiting to burst into the major league, something he may just achieve with this new album. Strong vocals and cleverly put together songs make this a pleasure to listen to. To his credit, David’s music has appeared on a number of popular television shows including Criminal Minds, Party of Five and Dawson’s Creek.

TENNESSEE was produced by Ben Strano and has taken over a year to make. Featuring the likes of up-and-coming country star Rose Falcon, it was recorded in two parts and comes with two bonus tracks released only via the internet. The album starts off with “Always Coming Home,” which showcases David’s vocals wonderfully. He has a distinctive sound, which mixes country with pop-rock. Upbeat and rather delightful, this opening song sees David joined on vocals by Falcon. “Don’t Give Me Your Heart” sees David’s vocals slip into a harsher mode. If you like Bruce Springsteen and/or John Mellencamp then you are in for a treat. Again quite an upbeat song it is easy to see why David’s songs have been used on so many successful television shows. His vocals have depth and real character.

“Live For Love” is another strong offering. A mix of rock and country makes this song quite powerful. “Drifting Wayward” has a distinct country feel about it. David’s vocals have a lighter feel and really suit a slow country song. “You’re With Me” is a high octane fast paced country-rock song. A lovely duet this song features Kalisa Ewing on vocals. Listening to this song is like listening to a slice of Steve and Stacey Earle. Kalisa’s vocals are edgy and offer something special to this song. “Down For Your Love” is a slower, raw country song that pushes David’s vocals to the forefront. Once again Kalisa Ewing joins David on vocals. “Lucinda” is another rocky country song. “It Can Always Be Worse” is a really dramatic song with powerful lyrics. A really punchy song that deserves plenty of volume to be enjoyed fully! Caitlin Nicol-Thomas adds extra depth to this song with the violin. “Trying To Find The Good In Seeing Things” is another outstanding sound in the style of Jackson C Frank or Bob Dylan. It is worth buying this album just for this song alone. “Don’t Give Up On Love” sees the mood and tempo pick up pace once again. Another rocky country song with plenty of potential. “The Things We’ve Done” slips back into raw delicate vocal mode.

David has such an awesome vocal range and style as evidenced by the songs on this album. “She’s Got A Different Way” ends the album off in fine style. Another country infused rocky/pop song David’s vocals are once again the highlight. An outstanding song that leaves you wanting to hear more, much more.
-Sara Hunt

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