“TENNESSEE” (The Alternate Root)

David Newbould, Tennessee
David Newbould found like-minded people working in the business of music in Nashville, Tennessee. It is one thing to see the address as a fantasy but a different experience to live in an environment that challenges and supports while creating opportunities to expand your songs with co-writes and your career with potential around every corner. That was the back story for David Newbould for the recording is his recent release, Tennessee.
David’s natural ability at songwriting thrived in the setting of an industry town. Tennessee opens on an acoustically strummed bounce, picking up instruments and amping up the pace as the story talks about the new roommate who might miss the sunset in Texas but will hopefully enjoy sharing a home, a bed, and a life. That life is one with a traveling musician who can’t promise being home consistently and confesses to times when the music will take him away while he is still right at home. “Always Coming Home” reminds the newest resident of Nashville why they got together in the first place. David Newbould gives his characters big hearts that take pleasure in the company they keep as in “You’re With Me”, bend but take comfort in the fact that “Things Could Always Be Worse” and ride an equally big, fat riff into a sunset of troubled times and responsibility while holding on to hope in “Don’t Give Up on Love”
– Danny McCloskey

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