“SIN & REDEMPTION” (Roots Highway, Nov. 11, 2019)
David Newbould 
Sin & Redemption

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di Giovanni Andreolli

(08/11/2019) TRANSLATED FROM ITALIAN After six years from the last unpublished album, Tennesse, with some EP’s (The Devil Is His Name and Live At The Building, both of 2016) in the middle, David Newbould, singer-songwriter of Canadian origin but now moved to Nashville, returns to the American scene with Sin & Redemption, a record full of guitars, catchy choirs and a whole series of elements that make the album absolutely fresh and enjoyable in all its aspects. This new work is a journey back in time that re-evaluates the choices made by the singer-songwriter in the past, analyzing the possibilities and the renunciations made, but in spite of everything, Newbould wants to remain positive and without bitterness (“… but you have to stay positive That’s the only way you’re going to make it to the end “- so he said before the release of the album).

And in concrete this emerges in the songs: songs like Smiling In The Rain (in which Dan Baird, singer and former leader of The Georgia Satellites collaborates on the electric guitar) or Long Road To Barstow, which could be veiled by soft tones and melancholy, yes instead they reveal musically excellent songs, which flow lightly exactly like the others. The beginning with the homonymous Sin & Redemption and Sensitive Heart immediately starts the Canadian singer with a bang, in two songs dominated by the electric and his warm voice. David also added different compositions to each other, but which coexist very well: two extreme examples are the hard and rock-like Diamonds In The Dark and the sweet – almost soundtrack with the accompaniment of strings in the background – L.A. Dreams. The possible risk of creating a jumble is averted, because finally quality wins. The last track is surprising, because the singer decides not to close in a classic way with a slow ballad, like the aforementioned LA Dreams, but instead prefers to insert Oh Katy (Just Gettin ‘By), a song with decidedly pop tones, which makes you listen willingly.

One could compare the new album to a book in which each chapter tells a different story, but in which the protagonist is always the same. Although in reality the singer-songwriter claims to have more of a directing than writing, which has enabled us to participate in several rather famous TV series soundtracks (Dawson’s Creek and Criminal Minds). However, the level is always high and full of interesting ideas. I have no negative points to note, in fact I would only dwell on the merits. Of course, this is not a work that will become immortal, but it certainly deserves at least forty minutes of your time. A small treasure for your 2019. Happy listening.
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