“Power Up!” Album Review (Ruta 66, Spain, May 17, 2022)

(Eduardo Izquierdo, May 17, 2022): “Abrasive rock of guitars, trumpets, junkyard soul and lively directness.” This is how the music of this American is described, who in 2007 started his career with Big Red Sun, close to an electrified folk. He now returns with a base band of eight musicians to which up to nine more are added in search of his definitive album. This is already his fourth studio album and feels as a definitive one, and that’s what he tries to convey. An album marked by messages of hope and resistance to the rhythm of a greasy rock that – oh surprise! – sometimes it even approaches jazz terrain.

Recorded together with Scot Sax (Wanderlux) in the midst of a pandemic, most of the instruments are distributed among them, although we have already cited the glossy list of appearances that occur in these eleven songs that, in the musician’s own words, seek the freedom that was on the records of the seventies. Basement rock and roll, he says. And he is not far from what he has achieved. Even going so far as to take advantage of drum tracks that were only demos recorded with an iPhone. Quoting the Nashville guy again, “dirtier-sounding than much of what I’ve put out.” Just don’t wait here for the Stooges. We have to know who we are talking about and put those words in context. Check it out for yourselves. I think you will be surprised and probably like it.”

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