RELEASED: October 18, 2019
ARTIST: David Newbould
LABEL: Rock Ridge Music
PRODUCER: Chris Tench & Tres Sasser
Sin & Redemption


Country of Delivery

David Newbould: lead & backing vocals, acoustic/electric guitars, harmonica, baritone
Brad Pemberton: drums & percussion (tracks 1-9)
Tres Sasser: bass, backing vocals, acoustic guitar (tracks 1-9)
Chris Tench: electric/acoustic guitars, acoustic e-bow, drones (tracks 1-9)
Micah Hulscher: piano, keys (tracks 1-9)
Dan Baird: electric guitar (tracks 2, 3), high strung acoustic guitar (track 9)
Julie Christensen & Renee Wahl: backing vocals (tracks 3, 6)
Derek Pell: strings (tracks 6, 8, 9)
Joe Costa: right foot (track 9), glockenspiel
Leroy Powell: electric guitars, bass, pedal steel, keyboards, backing vocals (track 10)
Chris Powell: drums (track 10)

Engineered (tracks 1-9) and mixed (all) by Joe Costa
“Oh Katy (Just Gettin’ By)” produced and engineered by Leroy Powell
Mastered by Alex McCullough at True East Mastering

all songs © David Newbould, Hankaphone Music (SESAC) except: “Smiling In The Rain” © David Newbould, 10-70 Music (ASCAP) / Hailey Whitters, Carnival Music (ASCAP); ”Long Road To Barstow” © David Newbould, Hankaphone Music (SESAC) / Leroy Powell, Bacon And Ribs Music (BMI); ”Oh Katy (Just Gettin’ By)“ © David Newbould, Hankaphone Music (SESAC) / Leroy Powell, Bacon And Ribs Music (BMI) / Dan Baird, Where’s The Check Music (BMI)

photography: Sebastian Smith
front cover: Ryan Baxley
design & layout: Dean Tomasek

Some thank yous: Chris, Tres & Joe: for your hard work, dedication, and taking a chance; Andy Selby for prepro help; Will & Kimbro’s (stage & libations); Dan B for friendship and support; Leroy for reaching out and believing; Miguel, Tim, Benny, Dave for being there every damn time. Mom, Dad (for patience). Kim for our love. Henry for the sun, the moon, the stars.. hell for the whole damn universe. Thank you, pal.

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